Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time

Hey guys.
Yesterday was Christmas Eve and I got a whole lotta awesome presents! (In Sweden we celebrate Christmas the 24th) So here's some of the stuff I got:

- Drake concert tickets for his show in Stockholm, I'm so unbelievably stoked. I really didn't thought that I would get them but my dad surprised me! AAAAAH CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE APRIL!

- I got three books: One about Tintin (I love Tintin too much!), Nostradamus by Mario Reading and Just Kids by Patti Smith. The good thing about getting books is the thrill of reading it, I mean I'm the biggest dork and I love books, every genre! The bad things about getting books is because I am a crazy book fan I just got fifteen (?!), yeah I know... books last week that I haven't read yet so... I have to read 18 books before I can start purchasing new ones and believe me when I tell you that that's quite a challenge for me.

- I got a new camera bag, it's amazing. I can upload pictures later this week of it. Everyone should get one, especially this brand that I got because it's genius!

- Like every other teenager I got money also... But hey, everyone loves money, right?

- From my grandmother I got a couple of earrings from the brand SNÖ, they're so nice and it's one of my favourite brands of jewellery so that's a big +.

- The last thing I'm gonna mention is: Transformers, Dark of the moon. I'm a huge fan of the Transformers trilogy and I have the first and the second one so it was great getting the last one, now I can have a Transformers marathon (a legal one atleast)!

Ofcourse I got other stuff too but I don't think they're too much of interest for you because it's stuff that only I like... I think.
Now I'm going to get dressed and then I'm going over to my fathers for the day. Have a great Christmas everyone and I hope you get what you've wished for.

Much love, Fredrika

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