Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm Back....

Okay, so maybe I got hit by the Hunger Games fever, but who hasen't??
Now I'm going to try to blog a bit more. For all of you out there, I have Instagram, so feel free to follow if you want. My username is fredrikamodigh (not so complicated)

So this is what has happened lately:
I got accepted for my first choice of University and I'm kind of not so excited... Is that weird? I'm just so anxious for the future..
My stepfather turned 40 and I got him the best present ever! A GoPro Hero 2 camera! It's awesome, really, if you want to buy a camera for outdoors or adventure etc. this is the one for you! So rad, and totally worth the money.
I was in Gothenburg a couple of days ago and I just love that city! Gothenburg, London & Orlando might be my favourite citys of all time. I mean, they have a certain feeling and i just feel at peace in these towns. Ofcourse I love Stockholm too but it's not the same.
And yeah, I've been to Turkey with my sister and mom, and I got to test my new Waterproof SLRcase for my nikon ;) photos coming soon...

Now I'm going to post some photographies from this summer and I hope you'll enjoy. And feel free to send me feedback.

Best regards,
Fredrika Modigh